Chapter Officers, 2010-2013:

President General, NSDAR - Merry Ann Thompson Wright
       National Theme - "Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future."

State Regent - Diane Clark Argraves (Mrs. Donald G.)
State Theme - “Planting seeds of knowledge and understanding...
Growing our membership into loyal and dedicated Daughters”

Chapter Regent - Miss Mary T. Bannan

Vice Regent - Mrs. Thomas G. Patton, Jr. (Lenore)

Chaplain - Mrs. Ronald W. Crooker (Shirley)

Recording Secretary - Mrs.  Gene Schaut (Jane)

Corresponding Secretary - Mrs.  Gene Schaut (Jane)

Treasurer - Mrs. Daniel P. Pomponio, Jr. (Beth) 

Registrar - Mrs. Daniel P. Pomponio, Jr. (Beth) 

Historian - Mrs. Dennis Guscott (Jo)

Librarian - Mrs. Dennis Guscott (Jo)

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